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Welcome to Maternity Mum. We are a bespoke maternity nurse agency, offering a personal and professional postnatal service to new parents and  babies. We have experienced maternity nurses who are available to work days, nights and 24 hour live in to support you and you baby. We supply highly trained and experienced maternity nurses, who specialise in breastfeeding, weaning, colic, reflux,sleep training and twins. In addition we can supply new starter maternity nurses and  breastfeeding lactation consultants.

Our London based maternity nurses and night nannies are here to help new mothers with all aspects of caring for their new-born babies by providing the highest level of care and guidance to the whole family.

Our specialist maternity nurses in London recognise the effect that a new baby can have on a family and we are there to support and reassure you with any of your childcare needs.

Please feel free to contact us with your specific request

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