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It is always best to book a maternity nurse as soon as you possibly can. Experienced maternity nurses can be booked many months in advance.

If your baby is already born or you decide later in your pregnancy that you would like to book a maternity nurse, please get in touch as soon as possible, we may still have availability.

Information that is required  ​

  • Your expected due date (EDD) so that we can discuss which start date is best for yourself. Some parents will want a maternity nurse as soon as the baby is born or arrives home from the hospital. Other new parents may prefer to wait one or two weeks, as they may already have postnatal support from their partners and family members in the early days. Or if your baby is already born, we will ask the age of your baby/babies?

  • Is it for a single baby, twins or multiple?

  • Any medical conditions or concerns for example is your baby suffering from colic or reflux?

  • Is this is your first baby, if not the what are the ages of the siblings?

  • Your preferred schedule, are you are looking for a live in 24 hour maternity nurse, a daily maternity nurse or night nanny?  Some new parents may choose to have help during the night only. Other parents may choose a maternity nurse during the day, or maybe they are unable to accommodate a maternity nurse overnight. Again we can discuss your options, advantages and disadvantages of both.

  • Preferred parenting style. Are you looking for a maternity nurse who can implement a good routine or a maternity nurse who is happy to follow a baby led parenting style. Or someone who specialises in trouble shooting, breastfeeding or sleep training.

  • The booking start and finishing date and how many days per week?

  • If you have any travel plans arranged during the maternity nurse booking?​

  • If you have other staff members living and working in the family home?

  • If parking is available or if you live near to a train station, tube or public transport?

  • Accommodation for the maternity nurse. You will need to supply a bedroom for the maternity nurse to share with the baby if you are booking a live in 24 hours or night maternity nurse.

  • Any other information that you feel is relevant.

You can contact us via our Parent Enquiry Form or email us at

Alternatively phone for a chat or request a call back for a time that is convenient for yourself.

Tel +44 (0)7557133711

If you need any further assistance during the booking process please get in touch.

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