Travel Maternity Nurse

Travel Maternity Nurse

Advantages of using a Travel Service

  • Reassurance to parents that your child will be cared for by a qualified professional maternity nurse.

  • A helping hand with travel to and from your destination.

  • Allow parents to have a holiday to rest and spend quality time together.

  • Reliable childcare for work/business commitments.

  • Babysitting service to allow parents to enjoy an evening meal.

Packages and Fees

Bronze Package

6 hours per day

3 evening babysitting per week (Totalling no more then 10 hours per week)

£500.00 - £600.00 per week (Depending on maternity nurse)

Silver Package

10 hrs per day

4 evening babysitting per week (Totalling no more then 14 hours per week)

£700.00 - £800.00 per week (Depending on maternity nurse)

Gold Package

24 hr Maternity Nurse (3 to 4 hour Break per day)

£200 - £320 per day (Depending on maternity nurse)

Maternity Nurse Package

Packages are for one week, we class a one week holiday for example Saturday to Saturday as 8 days. The nanny would be entitled to one full day off ('free' day should be a non-travel day.)

Please note that all travel expenses, including flights and transfers, visa, accommodation, food and drink is to be paid by the client.

A maternity nurse can travel to any destination unless specified as unsafe by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO)