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Maternity Nurses London & Night Nannies London

At Maternity Mum, our London based maternity nurses and night nannies are here to help new mothers with all aspects of caring for their new-born babies by providing the highest level of care and guidance to the whole family.

Our specialist maternity nurses in London recognise the effect that a new baby can have on a family and we are there to support and reassure you with any of your childcare needs.  Some of those duties may include:

  • We can provide practical help with the care of your baby in London which includes feeding, winding, bathing, nappy changing and settling them down to sleep. ​

  • Maternity Mum night nannies can help to provide you with a routine to ensure that your baby is feeding and sleeping​ effectively.

  • We can offer information and guidance with regards to infant feeding whether you are breast feeding or doing formula feeds.

  • Maternity mums can take responsibility for any nursery duties which could include sterilising bottles and equipment, laundry and keeping the nursery tidy.

  • Help to provide a smooth and easy introduction to younger siblings within the family.

  • Provides guidance, support and encouragement for both parents with regards to caring for their new baby

  • More importantly, to help the mother relax and recuperate if needed.


Maternity Mum can offer live in night nannies, up to 6 days per week, providing bespoke maternity nurse services to mums throughout London, the families and their babies, working nationwide and overseas.​

Maternity mum can provide live in night nannies who are with you 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Our maternity nurses provide bespoke, night nanny services to mums and dads throughout London and surrounding areas.

In addition, 24/2, 24/3 and 24/4 maternity nurse service are available, to support parents at weekends or mid week. Daily and night maternity nurses can work up to 12 hours per day. Contracts are usually for 4 to 16 weeks, but can be tailored to suit your individual requirements.

Our London based maternity nurses are self employed, therefore it is the responsibility of the maternity nurse to pay their own tax and national insurance contributions.

All fees quoted are gross and often reflect the individuals qualifications and experience. 


  • Single Baby £200 - £280 gross per 24 hours

  • Twin Babies: £220 - £320 gross per 24 hours​

  • Day maternity nurse fees £14.00 - £20.00 gross per hour

  • Night maternity nurse fees £15.00 - £21.00 gross per hour

A Guide to Maternity Nurse Fees

Reassurance for Parents

All of our maternity nurses are interviewed personally and their references verified.  The maternity nurses and have an enhanced DBS and a paediatiric first aid, along with relevant qualifications and experience.

24 Hour Maternity Nurse
Night Maternity Nurse
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